A listing of therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in Austria interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural care for today’s international expat community.


Ela Perra, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Transactional Analyst, Counselor
Location: Vienna, Austria
Phone: 0676 6933775
Nationality: Italian
Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Portuguese
Religious Affiliation:
Clinical Specialties:
I’m an Organizational Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Transactional Analyst and Counselor with more than a decade of experience working with an international clientele in English and Italian. As a psychotherapist and Counselor I have achieved measurable improvement with the majority of my clients using an integrated approach: Gestalt, humanistic, cognitive behavioral with a focus on transactional analysis. A key advantage of integrative methodology is its flexibility and focus on the whole of an individual. My practice aims to help people make positive changes by facilitating personal insight and exploring emotions and thoughts in the here and now. I empathically tailor my approach to the particular personalities and needs of my clients. Areas of expertise include relationship difficulties, expatriate life challenges, depression, communication, anxiety, parenting skills, baby blues, self-esteem, personal and and professional development. After I graduated with my doctorate degree in  Psychology I specialized in Transactional Analysis (TA) to acquire a practical tool to help people promote real change and improve well-being. I chose TA as an approach because I believe and respect its principles including the concept that every person is ok. “I’m ok are you ok”.  TA is fundamentally a humanistic/existential model with a primary emphasis on human freedom and autonomy and provides a framework for observing what goes on between people and inside people in order to help them make changes. The aim of change with TA is to move toward autonomy, spontaneity and intimacy. Problem solving as opposed to avoidance or passivity. An important element of TA is the treatment contract: a specific agreement between a therapist and a client to accomplish clearly stated goals.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Born and raised in Italy, where I completed my studies and training, I have worked in the USA and Europe where I have counselled numerous expatriates. Being an expat my-self I am very sensitive to both subtle and significant cross-cultural differences. Originally from Italy I have worked in the USA and in Europe, and now in Vienna (Wien), helping successful men and women solve challenges they are facing while enhancing their personal and professional life in a new country.