A listing of therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in Illinois, USA interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural care for today’s international expat community.

Arlington Heights

Kris Kirilova, MA, LCPC
Location: Arlington Heights or Evanston, IL, USA | online
Phone: (773) 340-3130
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English, Bulgarian
Religious Affiliation: N/A
Clinical Specialties: Anxiety, Perfectionism, Relationship issues, Relocation, Career Counseling/Coaching, Occupational issues, Stress, Cultural issues
Cross-Cultural Experience: I was born and raised in Bulgaria, and I have lived for 20 years in the United States. My cultural background and experience abroad have given me an insight of the unique challenges of expats and bi-cultural individuals who may be adjusting to a new culture or living between two countries. I enjoy working with diverse people, and strive to provide culturally sensitive counseling.


Location: Bolingbrook, IL, USA
Phone: 708 308 0453
Website: Under construction for profit agency and
Nationality: USA, 1st generation south east Asia (India)
Languages Spoken: Knowledge of Hindi
Religious Affiliation: Hindu
Clinical Specialties: CPT, DPT, client centered, holistic healing, Individual, couples, family, group, All ages
Cross-Cultural Experience: Husband born and raised in Trinidad, where I visit often I have family in India and frequent visit there often. World traveler that loves to learn and experience different cultures. Founder of Generations Empowered, a non for profit that helps those that have trouble balancing cultures together.

Carol Stream

Dennis L Gibson, Ph.D.
Clinical psychologist licensed in Illinois # 071-001808 and NPI 1982874913
Location: Carol Stream, IL, USA
Phone: 1+630-668-3331
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English; Intermediate Spanish
Religious Affiliation: Wheaton Bible Church — Evangelical Protestant
Clinical Specialties: Individual, Couple, and Family counseling and psychotherapy and coaching. Motivational Interviewing. “Vitality Therapy” is the title of my own book.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Presented counseling training to churches and seminaries in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Manila, Indonesia. Met often with our younger relatives from a North American missionary family in Brazil while they were students at Wheaton College. I have also met with missionaries on furlough in the Wheaton area with Conservative Baptist Foreign Missions, when the organization paid for what they called a “tune-up.” Those were outstanding experiences for everyone concerned.


Jacqueline van Haaster Herbstman, LCSW
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Phone: (001) 312 3079887
Nationality: Dutch, American
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch
Religious Affiliation: All spiritual/religious orientations/ backgrounds welcome
Clinical Specialties: mindfulness based psychotherapy; individuals (adults) and couples
Cross-Cultural Experience: I was born and raised in the Netherlands and have been working and living in the US for over 15 years. This has given given me deep professional and personal insight into the unique challenges international students, expats and bi-cultural couples face; managing work, study, relationships and parenting across continents and countries.


Laura Reimer, M.A., NCC, LPC
Staff Counselor at White Stone Resources Ltd.
Location: Grayslake, IL, USA
Phone: (001) 224-424-0185
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation: I am a Christian who is a counselor. My counseling fits and incorporates the beliefs and experiences of the client, working with their worldview, to address each person’s individual needs, resources, and life story.
Clinical Specialties: In Individual, Couple, and Family modalities, I help clients face, heal, and address challenges including, but not limited to the following: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Grief and Loss, Cultural Transitions, Multiple transitional experiences, Relational Stress, Child-Parent issues, Transition to College/University
Cross-Cultural Experience: I grew up in the Carribbean on a small island, Eleuthera. Every 5th year we lived in a different location in the United States, and faced the joys of new beginnings and adventures, and the challenges of many goodbyes. Before college, I taught English in China, living in the mountain city of Taiyuan, and later lived and traveled for a month in France and the UK with MK friends and their family. I have lived in many different types of settings, including small-town island life, small city, rural farming communities, and now both inner-city and suburban Chicago neighborhoods.


Harlan Johnson, MS, LMFT, LCPC
Location: Rockford, IL, USA
Phone: 815-968-5433
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation: Lutheran [ELCA]
Clinical Specialties: Go to and type in my zip code: 61102
Cross-Cultural Experience: Six years in India; world traveler; lifetime of focusing on overcoming structural racism, familiarity with TCK phenomenon, Family (wife and daughter) also involved in third culture phenomenon, Work with Buddhists in India: Nonviolent Communication

West Dundee

Tamara Patterson, MA, LCPC, CADC, NCC
Location: West Dundee, IL, USA
Phone: (001) 815.988.7024
Nationality: German, American
Languages Spoken: English, German
Religious Affiliation: I am a Christian but counsel people of all faith backgrounds
Clinical Specialties: trauma, addiction, postpartum depression
Cross-Cultural Experience: I grew up in Germany and moved to the US in 2009. I became a dual-citizen in 2015. I consider myself a third culture kid. For many years I have been interested in understanding the complexities that come with cross-cultural transitions and I am passionate about helping students and families deal with those challenges in a healthy way. I have experience working with missionary kids and immigrants.


Carissa van Schooten, MA, ALMFT
Location: Wheaton, IL, USA
Phone: 630-480-4118 x12
Nationality: USA, Germany
Languages Spoken: English, German, Conversational Mandarin
Religious Affiliation: Christian, though I work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
Clinical Specialties: Couple and Family, Systemic Interactions, Identity, Transition, High Mobility, Depression/Anxiety, Adolescents, Play Therapy
Cross-Cultural Experience: Born and raised in SE Asia by multi-cultural parents. Frequent international moves across a variety of life stages, having lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, and the US, and having also worked in China, Thailand.


Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.
Location: Illinois, USA (and worldwide: travels to client countries)*
* Grey Matters International is a “one stop shop” global psychological consulting firm that leverages powerful neuroscience technologies and methods for ex-pats and their families. We work in a ‘we come to you’ fashion and can help all your personal,relationship and family/children mental health needs quickly and effectively.
Phone: 1-877-606-6161  (if calling from outside USA: 1-918-949-1972)
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation: Open to All Religious/Spiritual Orientations
Clinical Specialties: Mood disorders, stress/burnout, relationship conflict, addiction, OCD, ADD/ADHD, brain injury, trauma, sleep concerns, high performance and career counseling
Cross-Cultural Experience: Worked with clients on 5 continents on their private mental health needs and have advised many multi-cultural “professionals, executives, leaders” on their culture change needs affecting many employees and their unique values