Quarterly ITD News for January, 2017

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ITD News:

Over the last quarter of 2016, there have been updates to the following sections of the directory: Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and Worldwide sections.

Welcome to all new members!!

ITD Website Developments in the Works:

We have begun work with a website developer with the aim of helping the International Therapist Directory website take next steps in its maturation. This will include ongoing and expanded google advertising for the site throughout the world. Further, over the course of 2017, we have a goal of making the site mobile friendly. These are very exciting and necessary developments. Stay tuned!

Ongoing Call for ITD Blog Guest Posts:

The ITD Blog remains open for guest posts from our membership. Want to contribute? Perspective contributions need to meet the following specifications for consideration:

- theme is to be directly related to TCK and/or International Expatriate matters
- length is to be no more than approximately 1,000 words
- a short 2-3 line author bio is to be included
- contributions are to be emailed to josh@internationaltherapistdirectory.com in Word
- contributions will undergo a review process as needed
- contributing content for a guest post does not guarantee publication

ITD Community News:

Berlin Office Space Available (from Jan Kaspers):

Practice room in Berlin-Mitte: Half-day or flexible hourly rent for psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching.

I’m a German psychologist and work as a counsellor mainly with English speaking clients from all over the world. From the 9th of January 2016 on I’m looking for other friendly coaches, therapists and counsellors to share the office with. The office is located at Kieler Straße, 10115 Berlin within a 10 minute walking distance from U-Bahn station Schwartzkopffstraße and 15 minute walk from central station. It contains a bright, well furnished counselling room that can also be used for
coaching and couples therapy, an area for desk and computer work as well as a little kitchen niche and a bathroom. Wifi and telephone are included in the price.

• One half-day per week (1 x 5,5 hrs): 120 EUR per month.
• Two half-days per week (2 x 5,5 hrs) 200 EUR per month.
• Three half-days per week (3 x 5,5 hrs): 270 EUR per month.
• Flexible hours: 12,- EUR per hour.

If you are interested or need more information, just call me or write me an email.

Jan Kaspers – Coaching and Psychotherapy
www.jan-kaspers.de | Phone: 0157-54181912 | Email: info@jan-kaspers.de

Supervision with Internationals (from Romeck van Zeyl):

It has been my joy and privilege to practice and teach psychotherapy, supervision and leadership coaching alongside each other in a variety of international contexts since 2003. In the context of working with clients from such enormously varied cultural backgrounds, (Ghana, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, South East Asia, Pakistan, Eastern and Western Europe, Iran) each session is an exploration of a rich, multidimensional and multicultural landscape that is at the same time deeply personal. What I love about it most is that where psychotherapy involves personal growth, supervision extends into the arena of our impact on the world, and unfolding our potential. I love to see a person grow, become more empowered and more themselves, and see them take things on that they didn’t consider themselves capable of at the start of our work together. In the context of clinical supervision, I have seen them deepen their client work and finding confidence as therapists. As an example of the organizational development dimension, it has been a great joy to see someone develop from, first, finding the courage to stand up to overbearing or disrespectful bosses in a very male-dominated culture, to subsequently creating and leading their own NGO.

As to what actually happens in a supervision session: I always start my sessions with a few minutes of mindfulness, so that we have a “baseline” awareness of a relaxed and resourced inner state of body and mind. Then when we proceed to address clinical or organizational issues, any and all changes in body sensation, feeling or thought becomes useful information about the “field” of the issue we are exploring. The most useful information and the most valuable insights invariably emerge from that open awareness rather than from purely rational analysis or attempts to “fix” a situation.

“Romeck has been a mentor, supervisor and inspiration in my journey both professionally and personally. I attribute a large part of finally realizing my dream of creating my own organization to Romeck. His encouraging, gentle yet challenging way in Supervision made me own my vulnerability as my biggest strength.”
– Aysha S. Jamall, CEO, Centre of Inclusive Care, Karachi

“Romeck is the most insightful practitioner I have worked with in more than 25 years as a social worker and human services educator. He has a unique ability to empathize and challenge concurrently in a warm, intuitive and inspiring way. His capacity to engender trust in the most suspicious and traumatized is exceptional.”
– Cath Napier,Capacity Development Facilitator, Australia

Romeck van Zeyl – www.romeckvanzeyl.co.uk
Phone: 004915251829634 | Email: romeck.vanzeyl@impuls.net

ITD Member featured Online:

Member Lindsey Anderson, MSc, in Nyon, Switzerland, was recently featured in a piece on www.knowitall.ch, which was re-posted as an ITD Blog guest post. In case you missed it, you can give it a read right here.

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