Expat Couples: Make it or Break it?

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Contributed by Viktoria Ivanova, M. Ed., Expat Therapist

Expat Couples: Make it or Break it?

Happy facesMoving to a new country by yourself can be both exciting and difficult. Moving to a new country with your spouse and kids can exaggerate these associated emotions even more. The new challenges that you face as you journey together through this change can often make or break a relationship.

Presenting Concern:

As a therapist for expats, I quite often meet with men and women who share the same confronting struggles. These are people who choose to accompany their spouses to a foreign land where a great job opportunity is presented, and effectively rendering themselves a stay-at-home partner.

Upon arrival, they find themselves limited to the roles of a parent, a homemaker, and a spouse. Quite often, the non-worker in the relationship feels a loss of identify as the diversity of their roles in life diminish. For many, moving abroad meant quitting a job or resigning a career, and at the same time removing themselves from a social structure that comforts them. Basically, this meant their career-related creativity, productivity, and skills had to be packed in a box and put in storage along with their other cherished belongings.

Through my practice, I also meet with stressed and over-worked partners who feel overwhelmed by their new professional positions, who are often confused by their spouses’ frustrations and complaints, making them feel like outsiders in their own family. Read More »

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Quarterly ITD News for January, 2017

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ITD News:

Over the last quarter of 2016, there have been updates to the following sections of the directory: Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and Worldwide sections.

Welcome to all new members!!

ITD Website Developments in the Works:

We have begun work with a website developer with the aim of helping the International Therapist Directory website take next steps in its maturation. This will include ongoing and expanded google advertising for the site throughout the world. Further, over the course of 2017, we have a goal of making the site mobile friendly. These are very exciting and necessary developments. Stay tuned!
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English-speaking counsellor with a special focus on relationship issues in the home and at work

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Contributed by Lindsey Anderson

[This ITD Guest Post was originally published on www.knowitall.ch.]

Lindsey AndersonAs the festive season approaches, it can be a tough time for many people, especially expats who don’t have the benefit of family nearby to draw upon for support.

Even those with a vast network of family and friends can feel lonely at Christmas as everyone seems far too busy with their own festive preparations to concern themselves with other people’s worries.

At times like this, it can be helpful to call upon the services of a professional therapist, trained to help clients manage the wide range of daily issues that can prove particularly challenging, not just at Christmas, but on other occasions throughout the year as well.

One English-speaking therapist, who was recently recommended to us, and has a special interest in relationship issues in the home, family and at work, is Lindsey Anderson.  Having been married, divorced, a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, self-employed and re-located several times herself, Lindsey knows how difficult it is to juggle the roles of parent, partner, professional, wage earner and non-earner.

Lindsey told knowitall.ch, “I know how difficult it is to be your true-self when you’re juggling so many different roles and conflicting emotions. sometimes it just gets too much and you need someone to help you untangle yourself.” Read More »

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2016 Mid-Year Review

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ITD News:

In the first six months of 2016, we have had updates to the following sections of the directory:

Australia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Guam, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, USA, Vietnam, and Worldwide.

Welcome to all new members!! Read More »

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Preparing the Family for a Move

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Contributed by Dan Martin, MS Psych

MakeYourMovePreparing the family for a move may conjure images of stacks of boxes and phone calls to utility companies. While those logistical matters are a key part of making sure that the move goes smoothly they only address a portion of the necessary tasks. I’m reminded of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs from the days when I used to teach Psychology to university undergraduates. For those who missed that class the idea behind his theory is that we all have different levels of needs as individuals for us to survive or thrive. Some of the basic levels focused mainly on physiological needs e.g. food, shelter, water and the like. The next level moved on into safety. The more advanced levels addressed things like emotional and social wellbeing. When preparing for a move we may follow a similar path. We may secure housing, sign up for water and electrical service. Once we have that sorted the next task may be to obtain insurance so our precious belongs are protected against loss. The final area to address may be the tasks necessary to assure our emotional and social wellbeing at the new location. Read More »

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Directorio Internacional de Terapistas en Español

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Este Directorio Internacional de Terapistas (DIT) Blog ha sido creado para resaltar miembros del DIT. Estos son terapistas, consejeros, psicólogos y psiquiatras interesados en proveer tratamiento y cuido que es culturalmente sensitivo a la comunidad emigrada internacional de hispanohablantes. Estos terapistas han expresado interés en ser destacados en este “post” y están organizados geográficamente.



Paula Vexlir, Registered Clinical Psychologist
Buenos Aires & Worldwide Online
Paula Vexlir, psicóloga clínica. Trabaja de modo online y presencial ayudando a expatriados y migrantes a través de sesiones individuales, de pareja o familia así como también con entrevistas de Orientación a Padres enfocadas en ayudarlos a apoyar a sus hijos, TCKs o chicos interculturales en sus transiciones. Ha desarrollado cursos online diseñados para mejorar la experiencia de expatriados y migrantes. Lleva adelante  un blog para contribuir con la comunidad a la que sirve. Más información en su web www.expatpsi.com o su blog www.expatpsi.com/blogo. Read More »

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Expat Parenting: supporting our children’s bonds with family and friends back home

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Contributed by Paula Vexlir, Registered Clinical Psychologist

1177641_globSo you have moved overseas, you have managed to find a new home, a school for your children, to start learning the new culture; and you have supported your children through transition. You have helped them name their feelings, you have allowed them to navigate the paradox of having an amazing life and yet missing some of the things you have left behind. So, in the first place, if you have managed to do all this let me say: Wow! Congratulations, superhero!! And if you haven’t: Congratulate yourself anyway since you are a normal person trying to do your best at a particularly stressful time of your life.

You have arrived. You have adjusted (or are still doing so) and regained a sense of stability in your daily life. So now is a good time to talk about how you can help your children with their relationships with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, other relatives and friends back home. So I will be using the grandparents example but feel free to replace it with any other relative you like. Read More »

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The Myth of Expat Life and Global Living

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Contributed by Susan Dellanzo

Photography by Wendy K YalomMany people perceive the life of an expatriate as exciting, glitzy and glamorous when, in fact, it often is not. Global living can be both positive and negative, as with everything else in life. In the same way a magnet is always positive and negative, so is everything else and one of the greatest illusions people fall into is the search for pleasure without pain, praise without reprimand, or nice without mean, etc.  Ironically, it is in looking for those imagined one-sided events in a two-sided universe that we experience so-called ‘suffering’.

Some expats experience loneliness, isolation, and even frustration with what they perceive to be ‘missing’. However, often, nothing is, in fact, missing from their lives – it has just been transformed. Unless you ask the right questions, you will constantly be living in a state of stress and disempowerment which can, in turn, effect your health, wellbeing, relationships, family dynamics and even wealth building. Read More »

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2016 Winter Review

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ITD News:

Over this past quarter, there have been updates to the following sections of the directory: Australia, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, USA, and Worldwide.

Welcome to all new members!! Read More »

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TCKs Make Great Therapists

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Contributed by Lois J. Bushong, MS, LMFT

puzzleIt is a fit! As a Third Culture Kid and in the light of my natural giftedness as a counselor, I selected a vocation that is a perfect fit.

When I was in college in the 60’s, I only knew of one TCK who had become a therapist. Dr. S. was a mess! As he valued another TCK and me for an overseas assignment, he made a most obnoxious comment to us: “Anyone who ever went to a boarding school has severe psychological problems today”.

I stopped listening to anything else he said. He had lost all credibility with just that one flippant declaration. For many years, that TCK psychologist was one of the reasons I did not want anything to do with the world of psychology. If his statement was part of the evaluation, I certainly flunked the test. Read More »

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