New Hampshire

A listing of therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in New Hampshire, USA interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural care for today’s international expat community.


Gary S. Barnes, Ph.D. & New Hampshire licensed Clinical Psychologist
Executive Director of MAPS Counseling Services
Location: Keene, NH, USA
Phone: (603)209-2227
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English, a  bit of Arabic.
Religious Affiliation: Unitarian
Clinical Specialties: Individual ,Couples and Group Therapy with older adolescents, adults and seniors. I am also the Executive Director of a mental health agency with all of the management and fiscal experiences that this entails.
Cross-Cultural Experience: I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, the son of an Aramco Engineer. I attended boarding school at the American School in Switzerland before coming to the USA for college in 1973. I considered Saudi Arabia my home and discovered I was lost when I came to the “States”, as we called it. I did not realize that the emotional and social difficulties I experienced were common to third culture kids: I had not even heard about TCK until years later. Perhaps that was part of the reason I decided to become a psychologist, an unconscious desire to try and understand what I was struggling with. I recall the first time I went to a therapist at one of the colleges I attended (1 of 4). I told him about feeling “different” and lost, and I tried to describe what it was like to grow up in Saudi and the life I had been accustomed to. He told me I sounded “arrogant” at which point I quit seeing him. It was the beginning of a realization that most people don’t  understand Third Culture Kids and the emotional challenges (and rewards) of the life we were given. Living in New Hampshire I have had little opportunity to council other TCK’s, but I would like to do so. I anticipate retiring in another three or four years, and I plan to shift my career to do more with helping expats and TCK’s.


Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.
Location: New Hampshire, USA (and worldwide: travels to client countries)*
* Grey Matters International is a “one stop shop” global psychological consulting firm that leverages powerful neuroscience technologies and methods for ex-pats and their families. We work in a ‘we come to you’ fashion and can help all your personal,relationship and family/children mental health needs quickly and effectively.
Phone: 1-877-606-6161  (if calling from outside USA: 1-918-949-1972)
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation: Open to All Religious/Spiritual Orientations
Clinical Specialties: Mood disorders, stress/burnout, relationship conflict, addiction, OCD, ADD/ADHD, brain injury, trauma, sleep concerns, high performance and career counseling
Cross-Cultural Experience: Worked with clients on 5 continents on their private mental health needs and have advised many multi-cultural “professionals, executives, leaders” on their culture change needs affecting many employees and their unique values