A listing of therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in Utrecht, Netherlands interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural care for today’s international expat community.


Nuria Maldonado Bellido, MSc.
Location: Utrecht (physically), Netherlands and Worldwide (online).
Phone: +31(0)644303006 / +34616240132
Email: info@psychologywithinreach.com
Website: www.psicologiaalalcance.com (English and Spanish)
Nationality: Spanish
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
Religious Affiliation: Open to All Religious/Spiritual Orientations.
Clinical Specialties: Licensed Health Psychologist trained in Humanistic and Cognitive Psychotherapy approaches, for individual therapy and couples counseling. At my firm (Psychology within Reach), I apply my experience with anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, fear, panic and other forms of psychological suffering to offer support and guidance throughout all kind of painful paths, including sexual orientation and gender identity acceptance, social/relational difficulties, burn-out processes, migratory grief, eating disorders, etc.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Being a Spanish woman married to a Dutch man gives me first-hand experience with difficulties my clients also live through. My life begun in Spain, so I grew up in a Latin environment, but working and training worldwide has brought me into contact with many other cultures and life experiences. This process of readjusting to new environments and cultures, even when it helps us grow and it might have been chosen, requires sacrificing part if not most of our support system, therefore it is not free of pain and it becomes an stressor to add to any life challenge (parenting, loss, career changes…). I work with my clients to recover their sense of ‘home’ by building a new ‘ground’ to support them.

MSc  Alice Bertoldo
Location: Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: + 31 (0) 6 45505082
Email: studiotherapyrevolution@gmail.com
Website: www.studiotherapyrevolution.nl
Nationality: Italian
Languages Spoken: Italian and English
Religious Affiliation: All religions are welcome. I embrace many of the principles of Buddhism (www.SGI.org).
Clinical Specialties: Clinical & organizational psychologist, psychodramatist, specialist in women empowerment methods, and gender equality advocate. I am a member of the Nederlandse Institute voor Psychologen (NIP) and of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dramatherapie.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Born in Italy, I lived in Thiene and Padua (Italy), London (UK), Granada (Spain), and Utrecht and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Since 2012 I live and work in The Netherlands. I have travelled extensively and I am a member of CLTD, a Dutch NGO that develops, undertakes, and funds projects with women through dance and drama therapy in India, Colombia, and Brazil.

Lara Briozzo Integrative Therapist & Counselor
Location: Utrecht (physically), Netherlands and worldwide (online)
Phone: +31 (0)6 13016291
Email: itisallaboutlife.eu@gmail.com
Website: www.itisallaboutlife.eu
Nationality: Italian and Dutch
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, Dutch
Religious Affiliation: All religions and spiritual orientation are welcome
Clinical Specialties: Integrative Psychotherapy, Counseling & Coaching: custom made, holistic, result oriented. The challenges of your working life as well as of your private life and your relationship wil be turned into a growing and strengthening experience. A safe place for women to explore their powerful femininity and their deepest desire. A place for men to plug in themselves and connect deeply with others.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Born and raised in Italy, in my twenties I lived for 6 months in England en in my thirties I move to the Netherland. I managed a cross cultural team of 11 people from 11 different cultures with immense pleasure, what a learning time was that. I live and work at the boundaries between the Dutch culture and the Expat community. Raising cross-cultural and bilingual children and cherishing the richness in diverse background that I find in all aspect of life and work. Diversity is the source of creativity and growth.

Drs. Enikö Hajas
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Phone: +31624512360
Email: info@desleutelutrecht.nl
Website: www.desleutelutrecht.nl
Nationality: Hungarian/Dutch
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, Hungarian
Religious Affiliation: all welcome
Clinical Specialties: I am working with individuals and couples with various problems: anxiety, stress, burn-out, work related problems, integration problems, fears, undesired behaviors, crisis situation, trauma recovery, depression, psychosomatic complaints, identity issues, religion related issues, family, study, work or PhD  related issues. Online therapy through Skype is possible.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Born in Hungary, daughter to a UN diplomat, experience with life in Asia, Italy and the Netherlands. In my practice in Utrecht for long years I have been helping expats from all around the world (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Georgia, Russia, South Africa, USA, Iraq, Iran, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, China and more). In the practice I also counseled them for issues related to their Third Culture Kids, and I am raising multinational and multilanguage kids myself.

Robert K. Dunn, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (licensed, State of California) (BIG Registratrie GZ-Psycholoog, NL)
Location: Amsterdam & Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: 030 2944083; 065 468 2093
Email: R.K.Dunn@uu.nl; dunnrobertk@gmail.com
Website: www.dunnrobertk.wix.com/classic-layout
Nationality: USA, Dutch
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation:
Clinical Specialties: I work with children, adolescents and adults, couples and families, in short term and long term psychotherapy. I work with a range of problems we encounter, from adjustment difficulties to depression, anxiety, eating and addiction, health, relationship and family difficulties.  Psychodynamically oriented, but no one method is appropriate for everyone, I also use cognitive behavioral, crisis intervention and systems models, among others.  I do psychodiagnostic evaluations for children and adolescents, assessing for ADHD, learning problems, emotional/interpersonal/family adjustment difficulties.  Insurance covers some percentage of these services, depending on one’s coverage.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Having come from San Francisco, I’ve been living and working in this country 20 years, and working with people from all over the world, where English may or may not be their native tongue.

Margherita Giancotti, Ma, MSc, member of the NIP (Nederlands Insituut van Psychologen)
Location: Amsterdam & Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: + 31 633 529294
Email: margherita.giancotti@gmail.com
Website: soon online
Nationality: Italian
Languages Spoken: English, Italian
Religious Affiliation: All religious affiliations are welcome
Clinical Specialties: I work with individuals (children and adults), couples and families. I treat stress, anxiety, adjustment difficulties and relational issues integrating cognitive-behavioural techniques with psychodynamic aspects. I also do couple counseling and parenting coaching that mostly pertains the complexities and challenges related to parenthood. With children, along with more traditional interview methods, I use play-therapy techniques to help them overcome emotional, relational and developmental related issues.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Being Italian, I lived for six years in US where I worked and studied and then I moved to the Netherlands. As an expatriate I had the chance to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and I became more and more sensitive to adjustment challenges related to relocation. I also have experience in working with Third Culture Kids.

drs. Dirkje E. de Vos-Bron, M.A., clinical psychologist child/youth, health psychologist, children and youth psychologist-specialist (licensed and Dutch  BIG registration art 3 and 14) membership NIP/NVVP/NvN/APA
Location: Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone:+ 31 6 11599948
Email: d.devos@pgutrecht.nl
Website: www.pgutrecht.nl (English and Dutch)
Nationality: Dutch
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, French
Religious Affiliation: all religious affiliations welcome
Clinical Specialties: working with children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and learning problems. Assessment for children and youth for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and other difficulties.
Cross-Cultural Experience: living, studying and working in the US for many years and for more than 20 years working together with colleques in international schools in the Netherlands gave me a lot of experiences. Besides that I have visited many international schools and universities all around the world.

drs. J.M.J. (Jeanine) Souren, Psychologist (NIP), Psychotherapist (BIG), Couples & Family Therapist (NVRG), Sexologist i.t. (NVVS)
Location: Utrecht area; Culemborg, Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 397 948 98
Email: info@timeforeachother.com
Website: www.timeforeachother.com
Nationality: Dutch
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch
Religious Affiliation: n/a
Clinical Specialties: Couples & Family Therapy, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and Burn-out. My approach is personalised, based on 20+ years of (post-doc) education and experience. I am trained in, and work with Schema focussed therapy, CBT, ACT, Couples & Family Therapy (narratieve, EFT I and II), Trauma therapy (incl. EMDR Type I and II). My programs are fast-paced, high impact and tailored to the individual’s needs.
Cross-Cultural Experience: I have lived and worked abroad (7 countries, 4 continents) for over 15 years as a mental health provider offering psychological care for expats. Experience with complex cases and co-morbidity.

Melania Zampieri, MA Clin. Psych.
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: +31 657006820
Email: melania@yourpeaceofmind.nl
Website: www.yourpeaceofmind.nl
Nationality: Italian
Languages Spoken: Italian, English
Religious Affiliation: All religious affiliations are welcome
Clinical Specialties: I am a licensed psychologist supporting internationals living in the Netherlands. My services are directed at adults experiencing emotional distress or some degree of confusion. I can help, for example, while integrating in a new country, dealing with stressful life changes, problematic relationship dynamics, emotional distress, conflict management at home or at work, burnout/work-stress, feelings of anxiety and insecurity. I offer my clients guidance to find what they are searching for and to give them back the perspective they feel they have lost. I am certified with the Italian Order of Psychologists and, in the Netherlands, with the Nederlandse Federatie Gezondheidszorg. My main types of approach are transactional analysis, person-centred and psychodynamic but, as my focus is to put emphasis on the person’s needs, I also make use of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and RET techniques.
Cross-Cultural Experience: I’m originally from Italy but spent many years living in different countries, such as Ireland and the Netherlands, where I’ve been supporting the international community. On top of this, I have experienced first hand the difficulties of being an expat and overcame the challenges both from a personal and professional perspective.


Nancy van den Berg-Cook, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Location: Amsterdam & Zeist, Netherlands
Phone: 06 25 218 178
Email: bergcook@xs4all.nl
Website: www.jungpraktijkvandenberg-cook.nl
Nationality: USA and Netherlands
Languages Spoken: English (mother tongue), Dutch — fluent
Religious Affiliation: all
Clinical Specialties: 16 years experience cross cultural issues Dutch and other nationalities, Clinical psychologist, full knowledge of treatments burn-out, depression, grief, anxiety disorders, couple’s counseling. Earlier career PhD in physiology and nutrition, combine physical with psychological causes of emotional problems, multi-functional approach, including Jungian analysis and other spiritual-depth-psychology approaches.
Cross-Cultural Experience: Netherlands/English-speaking-nationalities, counseling for mixed nationalities couples. Mothering/fertility and other women’s issues


Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands (and worldwide: travels to client countries)*
* Grey Matters International is a “one stop shop” global psychological consulting firm that leverages powerful neuroscience technologies and methods for ex-pats and their families. We work in a ‘we come to you’ fashion and can help all your personal,relationship and family/children mental health needs quickly and effectively.
Phone: 1-877-606-6161  (if calling from outside USA: 1-918-949-1972)
Email: info@greymattersintl.com
Website: www.greymattersintl.com
Nationality: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Affiliation: Open to All Religious/Spiritual Orientations
Clinical Specialties: Mood disorders, stress/burnout, relationship conflict, addiction, OCD, ADD/ADHD, brain injury, trauma, sleep concerns, high performance and career counseling
Cross-Cultural Experience: Worked with clients on 5 continents on their private mental health needs and have advised many multi-cultural “professionals, executives, leaders” on their culture change needs affecting many employees and their unique values

Hans Hogewind, Healthcare Child Psychologist/ GZ-Psychologist (restricted through the Individual Healthcare Professions Act), Educational Psychologist
Honors degree in Clinical Developmental Psychology and School Psychology from the University of Amsterdam, postmaster degree in healthcare child psychology (GZ-Psycholoog).
Location: North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)623992777
Email: jwfhogewind@gmail.com / info@childassessmentgroup.com
Website: www.childassessmentgroup.com
Nationality: Dutch
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch
Religious Affiliation: All
Clinical Specialties: Assessments of children and adolescents struggling with cognitive, social and/or emotional issues, such as adjusting to new changes, paying attention or sitting still, lower grades than expected, sleep or eating problems, making new friends, pressure or stress due to educational demands. Hans is the founder and owner of The Child Assessment Group which is run by an experienced team of international, highly educated, enthusiastic professional psychologists. Our team members come from countries around the world, and offer services in multiple languages. As a practicing Psychologist, Hans’ main motivation, is to help children and adolescents develop in a healthy and normal way. Although this might sound obvious many children are in fact facing challenges that prevent them from growing up in a happy, loving and supportive environment. Hans is able to determine the cause of the challenges and propose potential solutions that will help a child to be successful at both school and home. Hans sees it as his duty to support children and their parents explore struggles together, to find possible solutions to help the child cycle smoothly through life.
Cross-Cultural Experience: I worked in Shanghai and The Netherlands with children from expatriate families for more than 7 years. I have extensive experience with diagnosis of children and adolescents, as well as supporting adolescents and families.