Join ITD and Create Your Listing or Renew or Edit an Existing Listing

If this is your first time visiting the site, you must register by clicking the “Register” link below before you can add a listing. Once you register, you will be taken back to this page to add your listing.


Thank you for your interest in joining the International Therapist Directory! Please tell us about your practice in the form below. The information you detail here will be included in your ITD Listing that will be published on the site after you complete this process. FYI: the initial “Practice Title” field is where you put the primary name of your practice. That can be your name or the name of your counseling organization.


If you are renewing an existing listing, if you are not logged in, please log in using the link below.  Next, select a package, review your listing information, and edit if necessary. To publish your listing, click the Submit Listing button to advance to the payment page. You may first preview your listing by clicking the Preview Listing link (this will open in a new tab) and return to this page and click Submit Listing when you are ready to publish and advance to the payment page.


If you are editing a listing that already exists, please log in using the link below.  Next, if you do not wish to change your package ($45/year vs $49/year), leave the package type as it is, edit the fields you wish to update below, and click the submit button. You will not need to pay again if you already have a paid listing.