What is the purpose of the International Therapist Directory?

This directory has been created to help TCKs, adult TCKs, expatriates, repatriated expatriates, and otherwise internationally mobile individuals/families in search of mental health therapy identify accessible mental health therapists who self-profess to have an understanding of the common experiences of those who have lived and/or live an internationally mobile lifestyle.

Further, this directory exists to assist the listed professional mental health therapists both identify and connect with one another for peer support and professional development.

Who can be listed in the International Therapist Directory?

Professional mental health therapists with a therapy practice who are credentialed at a masters level or higher in a psychology/counseling related field that have an understanding of the TCK and international expatriate experiences.

How can I have my information listed in the International Therapist Directory?

For those who meet the above criteria, please see the Membership page for details.

Is there a cost to being listed in the directory?

Yes. A nominal annual membership fee of USD $45 for our Recurring Payment Plan or USD $49 for Annual Invoice Plan has been introduced to support ongoing development and sustainable growth.

I am a life coach/expat coach/consultant of some kind.  May I be listed in the directory?

No. The focus of this directory is very specific, only listing information for credentialed practicing mental health therapists. However, if you offer some other kind of related service that you feel is beneficial to the internationally mobile community, feel free to be in touch. Over time, a variety of resources may be highlighted through the ITD Blog.

Is the International Therapist Directory designed to endorse the listed therapists?

No. The directory is for informational purposes only. Those compiling the directory offer no specific endorsement of any of the mental health therapists listed and do not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, simply cataloging entries as self-reported by each therapist.

How often is the International Therapist Directory updated?

Regularly! Scroll down to the “Welcome to our newest members!” section of our home page to see who joined the directory most recently.