Thinking back over the past two years, I want to say thank you to some very key people who have offered tremendous support and encouragement as I went about the business of getting the ITD up and running.  There have been many helpful emails, phone calls, and conversations along the way, but a handful of individuals have really made a significant contribution to the development of this resource.  Reflecting now, I am full of gratitude…

To my former colleagues at Interaction International – most notably Libby Stephens, transition expert and long time TCK advocate as well as to Margie Ulsh, former long-standing editor of Among Worlds Magazine – your thoughtful interest and consistent enthusiasm in the earliest of days was invaluable to me. Thank you so much, and may your future endeavors be sweet!

To Ruth Van Reken, instigator behind the incredibly relevant annual Families in Global Transition conference, you have offered such consistently significant personal support along the way. I can’t thank you enough. You have been brilliant.

To John Powell, one of the founders of the annual Mental Health and Missions conference, I want to thank you for your early support and endorsement.

To Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert, you have advocated for the ongoing development of this resource in such heartening and tangible ways. For the interview and the opportunity to have the ITD highlighted through your very resourceful website, eternal thanks!

To Thomas Speckhardt and all the good folks at Youth Compass, thank you for your support and care and for the excellent work that you do with TCKs year after year.

To Steph Yiu, founder of Denizen, I am so grateful for your keen interest in this project and for the opportunity to write for your magazine and bring attention to the directory. You have created something beautiful and important. Thank you.

As I look forward to many more years of developing the International Therapist Directory, I am encouraged by the stories that make their way back to me of how this site has already been helpful. To everyone who has written to say thank you, share stories, and offer constructive feedback. I appreciate your taking the time to write. It’s an honor to work with you.

We really are in this together.