The International Therapist Directory team is growing into… well, into a team!! For the past two years I’ve largely been pioneering this effort on my own, with lots of great support and encouragement along the way. However, I am thoroughly delighted to announce today that a local friend and colleague of mine, a Seattle-based therapist already listed in the ITD, has come on board behind the scenes to roll up her sleeves and help the ITD reach new potential.

Talitha traveled extensively throughout both her childhood and adult years, and her commitment to the internationally mobile community is reflected in both her counseling practice and in how she plans her yearly calendar. I am thankful for her keen interest in the ITD and in seeing quality mental health services become increasingly available for expatriates the world over.

To celebrate the reality of team, our initial joint effort, and the ITD’s next step toward increasing our online presence, was launched last night. That’s right, the ITD now has its very own facebook page. Please visit, “like,” and spread the word accordingly. Your partnership will lead to important further growth, as this is just the first of several new site upgrades planned for 2011.

Will you join us?

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  1. Dr. Magdalena Arcia
    Dr. Magdalena Arcia says:

    I extend a warm welcome to Talitha from Seville, Spain! Great to see that more people are enthused with the idea of connecting mental health professionals around the world! The idea of a forum is also very appealing, I look forward to constuctive discussions! Magdalena

  2. Talitha Bullock
    Talitha Bullock says:

    Dr. Magdalena

    Thank you so much for your welcome! I’m glad to be a part of ITD and happy that your excited about our project!


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