Happy 2015!!!

Happy New Year!!

As 2015 dawns, I want to take a brief moment to reflect on the substantive year of growth that was experienced over the course of 2014.

Perhaps most notably, updates were made to each of the following sections:

Albania, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, England, Germany, Greece, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, USA, and Worldwide.

In fact, the Netherlands section experienced so much growth that it was reorganized to provide individual pages listed by province.

Several guest ITD Blog posts were posted over the course of the year, and I want to express special gratitude to Kate Berger, Kay Bruner, Lois Bushong, Judy Hansen, Mari, L’Esperance, Kim Roberts, and Paula Vexlir for each of their very thoughtful contributions.

The purpose of this directory remains the same:

– To help TCKs, adult TCKs, expatriates, repatriated expatriates, and otherwise internationally mobile individuals/families in search of mental health therapy identify accessible mental health therapists who self-profess to have an understanding of the common experiences of those who have lived and/or live an internationally mobile lifestyle.

– To assist the listed professional mental health therapists identify and connect with one another for peer support and professional development.
I’m looking forward to the upcoming year of curating the directory, hoping to see increased expansion and community building in the many months and years to come.

To each of of you, wherever you find may yourself ringing in the new year, I wish you all the best as we take these next steps together.


Josh Sandoz, MA, LMHC