Please follow these instructions if you wish to make edits to your profile.

STEP 1:  Log in to the site using your username and password from when you first set up your profile. That information should be in an email you received at the time you joined. It will have the following subject line: “Your Login Details.”

STEP 2:  On your profile page, in the Select an Action drop-down, choose My Listing>Practices.

 Step 2 Screenshot:

STEP 3:  This takes you to your Practices page. To make edits to your profile, click on the three dots next to your listing and select Edit.

Step 3 Screenshot:

From here, you can make any changes or updates to your profile that you wish.

Suggestions for selecting a photo:

Please note that, for best results, use an image that is roughly 800px x 600 px. Landscape images, rather than portrait images, will display much better.

Please email us if you have questions about this process.