Introducing the ITD Listserv

Special Announcement: ITD Listserv

I am proud to announce the establishment of a brand new members only listserv for our ITD community. This email group is an electronic mailing list for members of the International Therapist Directory. What follows is a succinct explanation for the listserv purpose, how it works, and some community guidelines.

ITD Listserv Purpose

The creation of this ITD Listserv is in service of the major secondary purpose of the International Therapist Directory: to assist the listed professional mental health therapists (you and me) both identify and connect with one another for peer support and professional development.

The main idea here is that this gives us a group email address, and whenever an email is sent to that address, everyone the group receives the email. This will allow us to share referral requests, training and resource ideas, professional inquiries, etc… to assist one another in our work.

How the ITD Listserv works

Joining the ITD Listserv: If you are already an ITD Member, I need your active consent to opt in to the ITD Listserv if you wish to participate. This consent must be specific and verifiable.

If you wish to actively consent to participate in the ITD Listserv, please email me at:

In the subject line you can write:

ITD Listserv Consent

In the email (cut and paste if you like):

As an ITD Member, I would like to opt in to participate in the ITD Listserv.

Once you have joined: You will be sent instructions for how to send an email to all of the ITD members who are part of the listserv. On your member’s management page you can choose from three options about when messages are sent.

– Immediately: All messages sent to the group are immediately sent on to you.
– Daily Digest: Holds all messages sent to the group and once a day sends you a digest email.
– Pause All Messages: Stops sending you messages indefinitely but you will still remain a member of the group.

Of course, if you wish, you can also Opt Out of being included in the list at any time. If you do opt out and later wish to be part of the list again at some point, please write to to request being included again.

ITD Listserv Posting Guidelines

Subject Lines: When writing your posts, please be as specific as you can (without being too lengthy) in your subject line. This will allow members to search the message archives more easily for previously posted information.

Referral Requests: Many of you may have clients who move to a different part of the world, and you might wish to provide them with a referral. A use of the listserv can be to ask for referral recommendations. Feel free to include gender, general age of the patient, preferred locations and insurance requirements. Please refrain from including any identifying details about the patient. If you feel more information is required to make an appropriate referral, please ask for interested parties to get in touch with you individually.

Clinical Inquiries: Please feel free to use the listserv as a resource to ask other clinicians about how they might address a clinical situation you are encountering in your practice. When doing so, please be careful to use as few identifying details as possible regarding the case and/or your patient.

Practice Related Issues: Use the listserv as a resource for your practice. For example, if you are in need of a consulting group, training opportunities, or have questions about practicing in a certain part of the world, the listserv is a great way to support your practice.

Announcements of Community Related Events: If you or someone you know is hosting an event that might be of community interest, please use the listserv to get the word out. Please limit announcements to events related to the practice of mental health therapy.

Posting for Non-ITD Colleagues: While membership on the listserv is restricted to ITD members only, ITD members may post messages to the listserv on behalf of non-ITD member colleagues.

Confidentiality: Whenever making a post to the listserv, please honor our requirements of confidentiality by posting as few clinical details as possible when describing a case or patient.

Response Guidelines

Please note this group is currently set up such that when you reply to any posted message, your reply goes only to the person who sent the original email. If you’d like to have your response read by the entire community, respond by using the “Reply All” feature. If you do “Reply All” to respond to a posting, please be sure that your message pertains to the ‘subject line’ of the original post. This means, do NOT post a message on a new topic by clicking “Reply All” to a message on a different subject. Instead, initiate your topic as a new email with a unique subject line by sending a new email to the ITD Listserv email address.

If you post as suggested, it will create a nice chronological ‘thread’ of everyone’s responses on a given topic- a truly sequential dialogue. Everyone’s comprehension level will increase, and it will be visually easier to keep track of individual messages and conversations.

Thanks for your participation in this community!


Josh Sandoz, MA, LMHC
Seattle, Washington, USA