Search listings of in-person counseling from therapists with an interest in serving the expat and internationally-mobile community.

  • CBT Berlin

    Karen Hurworth, MA counselling, individual BACP member

    Therapy in Barcelona

    Natalie Marby Psychotherapy & Counseling

    Annie Orr, PhD

    Maximiliano Zenarola. Psychoanalyst of the Lacanian Orientation. Clinical psychologist

    Martin Thompson, LCSW – Wellness Solutions Psychotherapy & Behavioral Health Consulting

    Monique Chasteau – Counselling, Psychotherapy, Neurotherapy

    Natasha Kritzas

    Ashley Lynch, PsyD, CEDS

    Practical Solutions

    Center for Intimacy Recovery

    Lois Bushong – Quiet Streams Counseling

    Pontiam, private practice for psychotherapy & coaching, Dipl.-Psych. A. Charalampidu

    Essential Therapy

    Seoul Counseling Center (English-speaking & Bilingual Therapists)

  • Leyla R.B. Welkin, Ph.D.

    Luisa Mannu, Life Coach – CB Therapy – Grief Counsellor

    Vera Rommeswinkel

    Vanessa Goodman

    Lightstream Psychotherapy

    Rosalyn Glicklich, PhD

    Sharon Macfarlane

    Chiang Mai Counseling & Therapy Services

  • Lisa Pittman, Ph.D.

    Dr Elisa Cunial-Trotta

    Dr Jana Jenkins

    Athina Skondra Psychologist

  • Gabrielle Seekely, M.Ed., LPC-S, BCPC

    Allysen Efferson, M.S. Counseling Psychology, MFT-I

    Julie Sharon-Wagschal, MA

    Culture Class’ coaching and therapeutic counseling.

    PR Counselling

    Marie Caterini Choppin of Lotus Point Wellness, Inc.

    Jet Sichterman – Embracing Horizons

    Dr. Marja Kuzmanic – Inter-Being Psychologists

    Dr. Alaa Hijazi

    Dawn Purver Psychotherapy & Counselling

    M Brown, English-speaking Psychotherapist

    Child Behavioral Health Network

    Kate D’Anvers, MA

    Doable Recovery Institute

    Jill Kristal, Ph.D.

    Dr. Camilla Gamba

    innerAssist Psychological Services

    Robin Roberts, LCSW

  • Mitra Jordan Counselling

    VanLieshout Counselling

    Protea Expat Counseling

    Christine Forte, LMHC

    Robert Oleskevich, MA, LMFT

    Art Psychotherapist: Rebecca Hetherington

  • Trina Roll, M.Sc.

    Philip Sheldon

    ISP Groningen, International Systemic Psychotherapy, Corinna Ostafin-Hermann

  • Openmind Psychology

    Laura Deming, MC, NCC, BCC

    Sarah Barcham (PGDip, MSc, MBPsS)

    Dr. Rachel Cason

  • Reggie Pawle, Ph.D.

  • Dipl.-Psych. Julia Staedler

    Niamh Warde, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

    Elizabeth Pick MA

    OneLove Counselling with Suzanne D’offay De Rieux MBACP | Individual/Couple

    Drew Singeisen Counseling

    Purple Tree Counseling

    Éire Psychology & Consulting

    Vassia Sarantopoulou, M.Sc.

    Private Office

    Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S

  • The Bamboo Centre

    Titilayo Hill, MBACP

  • Robert K. Dunn, Ph.D.

    Steve Vinay Gunther

    Drs Francesca Eleuteri, MSc


    SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute

    Juan José Contreras

    Ben Adams Counseling, PLLC

    Flow Psychology PLLC

    Chen Thou Lin – Existential Phenomenological InterCultural Psychotherapy

    Nadja Zollinger (Psycho- and Trauma Therapy / Individual and Couples)

    Olesya Ovchinnikova, Ph.D

    Luisa Mannu, Life Coach – CB Therapy – Grief Counsellor

  • Drs. Onno de Boer

    Dr Piera Briganti Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist PsyD.

    Ian Reid, MSc. MA, Dipl.,Cert. Supervision

    Heinz Kroells

    Zach Lowrie Counseling

    Christopher Neill

    Dr. Giovanni La Veglia, Licensed Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Coach

    Dr. Brian L. Pheasant

    Eric J. Gremminger

    Dr. Chiara Castelli

    Melania Zampieri, MA

    Alberto Agosti

    drs. Dirkje E. de Vos-Bron, M.A.

    Dr. Vanessa Hondius

  • Alice Bertoldo, MSc

  • Tiffany A. Gordon, MA