Search listings of in-person counseling from therapists with an interest in serving the expat and internationally-mobile community.

    drs. Dirkje E. de Vos-Bron, M.A.

  • Alice Bertoldo, MSc

    Rosalyn Glicklich, PhD

    BPPS Mark Burdick, PhD

    Nancy van den Berg-Cook, Ph.D., Psy.D.

  • Despoina Kairi, MSc

    Drs. Clint Steenveld, MA

    Protea Expat Counseling

    Massimo Cimarelli

    innerAssist Psychological Services

    The Expat Kids Club / Kate Berger, MSc

    Expat Counseling Center

    Sizoo Counselling & Coaching

    Yaprak Bahar, MA, MSc

  • Tiffany A. Gordon, MA

    International Couples Therapy

  • Drs. Onno de Boer

    Drs Francesca Eleuteri, MSc

    Robin Roberts, LCSW

    Éire Psychology & Consulting

    Julie Sharon-Wagschal, MA

    Chen Thou Lin – Existential Phenomenological InterCultural Psychotherapy

    Sjaña Holloway, PhD | E.T.P. Enterprise

    Kate D’Anvers, MA

    Dr. Marja Kuzmanic – Inter-Being Psychologists