The practices listed here offer remote therapy sessions provided via phone, Skype or other digital technology.  Please click on the profile to go to the full listing page.

    Counselling Thailand – Yim Thai Nana Counselling & Hypnotherapy Services Chiang Mai –

    Kathryn Cook-Deegan

    Peter Your Online Therapist

    Chie Sawa- Tokyo International Psychotherapy Futako-Tamagawa Office

    Dr. Pablo Garcia M.D.

    Allen Therapy EMDR, CBT, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

    Convenient + Confidential Online Sessions

    PsIcare Health (Adriana Bastardas)

    Robin Roberts, LCSW

    Hawanya B Miller LMFT

    Annie Orr, PhD

    Rachelle Dunn, LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist, BC-TMH

    Kate D’Anvers, MA

    The Expat Kids Club / Kate Berger, MSc

    Sarah Barcham (PGDip, MSc, MBPsS)

    Chiang Mai Counseling & Therapy Services

    Todd B. Peyton Integrative Counseling

    Giovanna Silvestri, Psy D. Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

    Liz Adcock (Psyculture)

    Morgane Radanielina, PhD

    Juan José Contreras


    COVA Counseling

    Monique Chasteau – Counselling, Psychotherapy, Neurotherapy

    Dawna Silver MA, RCC

    Kris Kirilova, MA, LCPC

    Sjaña Holloway, PhD | E.T.P. Enterprise

    Helen Arthy, MPhil, MBCAP – Integrative Humanistic Counsellor

    Chen Thou Lin – Existential Phenomenological InterCultural Psychotherapy

    VanLieshout Counselling

    Psychotherapist & Personal Life Coach

    Ross Phillips M.A., LMFT

    Shane Warren

    Dominic Decker – Solution-focussed therapist

    Inga-Lill Lindström

    Luisa Mannu, Life Coach – CB Therapy – Grief Counsellor

    Wims & Associates

    Luisa Mannu, Life Coach – CB Therapy – Grief Counsellor

    Coco Owen, Ph.D.

    Dr. Lucia Andreatta

    Ms Anna CB Mortimer BA, MA, MA

    Karen Conlon LCSW CCATP

    Dr. Anna Bocchiola, PhD

    Laura Deming, MC, NCC, BCC

    Miranda Layton, LCSW-C, LISW-CP

    InSight4U Online Psychotherapy & Psychotherapy

    Chris Mertzanakis MSc, MPhil

    Licia Freeman, M.A., M.Ed., LMFT

    Child Behavioral Health Network

    Renew Your Life Counseling, LLC

    Vera Rommeswinkel

    Inner World

    Dr. Chiara Castelli

    Maria Paterno Holtzman Ph.D. Psychologist and Psychotherapist

    Sally McGregor – Spectrum Psychology & Wellness

    Paul Carslake

    BrightMind Practice

    Richard Jefferson B.A., M.Sc.

    Therapy in Barcelona

    Steve Vinay Gunther

    Lara Briozzo

    PR Counselling

    Rosa Castro Psy.D. Psychotherapist and Holistic Coach

    Olesya Ovchinnikova, Ph.D

    Ruth Newton

    Lee Wilcox

    Esther Rapoport, PsyD

    Marie Caterini Choppin of Lotus Point Wellness, Inc.

    Caitlan Siegenthaler, MA, LPC, NCC

    Jill Kristal, Ph.D.

    Alberto Agosti

    Paula Vexlir, Registered Clinical Psychologist

    Todd B. Peyton Integrative Counseling

    Dawn Purver Psychotherapy & Counselling

    BraveKey Therapy (Haroun Busby)

    Javaneh Pirzad, MA ( Build a Bridge Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy)

    Flow Psychology PLLC

    Mats Hellsten

    Jennelle Liljestrand – Munich Therapy

    Hannah-Valeria Grishko – Psychotherapist and Sandplay Therapist

    Jacqueline Samuel

    Yaprak Bahar, MA, MSc

    Nancy van den Berg-Cook, Ph.D., Psy.D.

    CBT Berlin

    Chloé Chandler, MSc | HEALing Therapies

    M Brown, English-speaking Psychotherapist

    Philip Sheldon

    Sizoo Counselling & Coaching

    Dr. Angela DeVita

    Vassia Sarantopoulou, M.Sc.

    C&C Counseling

    Jan Kaspers, M.Sc.

    Gabrielle Le Jeune

    Lauren Waikart Counseling

    Basel Counselling

    Elizabeth Pick MA, CGT

    Emmanuelle Niollet-Metcalfe

    Mariya Shcherbinina, MA

    Brent Bounds, PhD

    The Mind Field