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Contributed by Karina Lagarrigue In the vast expanse of conversations surrounding global issues, there exists a silent pandemic that often goes unnoticed, unheard, and tragically unaddressed. It’s a pandemic that shatters innocence, scars souls, and leaves behind a trail of lifelong suffering: the harrowing reality of sexual abuse in minors. Consider for a moment the […]

Contributed by Samantha J. Narins, MSED, LMSW As a therapist and executive function coach specializing in working with clients who travel full time or live abroad, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with navigating life in different cultures and environments. Adapting to new surroundings, managing emotions, and maintaining well-being while living a mobile […]

The International Therapist Directory is celebrating 15 years!! I want to take a moment to recognize this milestone. There have been many voices encouraging the ongoing development of this niche online resource over the last fifteen years, and I am grateful. In the earliest days, it was the folks at Interaction International, the organization originally […]

Contributed by Deborah Valentine, Program Director FIGT There are many challenges and phases in the world of globally mobile individuals and families. A wealth of resources exist in the world and Families in Global Transition (FIGT) is but one of the many communities worldwide offering and providing support. FIGT has been doing so since 1997. […]

Contributed by Jennie Linton & Karina Lagarrigue We want to extend our warmest greetings to all of you who have expressed interest and contributed to creating tools, platforms, networks…that contribute to moving towards a world where the impact of mobility, cross-cultural, and globalization is contemplated. After a very successful TCK conference in Chiang Mai last […]

Contributed by Holly Mak As Lunar New Year approaches, I’m sure many of us are looking forward to festivities and family time. I’m also sure that for some of us, family gatherings might bring about more complex feelings – anxiety, dread, or even shame. Over the past year, I’ve been struck by how enduring a […]

Contributed by Agustín Hayes – Open Mind Therapy – TCK, Expat, Digital Nomad Therapist “Hey can you pass me a… a… coltello? Oh shoot… I… I can’t remember the word in English”. So many of us that are multilingual have been there. Honestly, the feeling of forgetting a word in your native tongue is extremely […]

Contributed by Megan Stapelberg, MSc Counselling Psychologist, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Have you ever said or thought the words in the title of my blog? Or have you ever heard someone say it before? In the expat world that I live and work in, parents often tell me that they believe that their child can cope […]

Contributed by 鶴田 みさ Misa Tsuruta, Ph.D Getting higher, more qualified education sounds exciting and promising all the time. It is hard to deny excitement and benefits coming from that kind of experience. However, things won`t always turn out to be expected, especially when parental expectation is disproportionately high. I am saying this because in my private […]

Contributed by Shauna Larson Living as an expatriate or global nomad offers exciting opportunities and fosters a diverse cultural identity. This group includes third culture kids and international expatriates who grow up in different cultures. Their experiences create a global mindset, but their nomadic lifestyle can also lead to mental health challenges, such as adjusting […]

Contributed by Lauren Wells There’s a conversation that seems to keep repeating; a training that has been continually requested in the past couple of years. It’s on a topic that we recognize is a growing global challenge, but in our Third Culture Kid community seems to be even more weighty.  Anxiety.  As practitioners, we know […]

Contributed by Paul W. Anderson, PhD The Problem Most of what I have left from my childhood are tattered memories and a few pieces of paper; black and white pictures, old, faded letters and such. I was five years old when I was kicked out of an American kindergarten for painting a kid’s face black. […]

I recently had the privilege of being invited to participate in an interview with Lindsey Phillips, editor and chief for Counseling Today, as she worked to author a feature article on Third Culture Kids. Not only do articles like this one help bring the Third Culture Kid experience more thoughtfully into the public eye, but […]

Contributed by 鶴田 みさ Misa Tsuruta, Ph.D If somebody asks me what the important issues that I would think of in working with expats are, I would definitely list social support among them. Social support is various social resources that you can turn to when you are in need or to reduce your stress, such […]

Contributed by Tina Quick Third culture kids/global nomads have typically interacted with two or more cultures during their developmental years—those years that shape who they are as human beings. As they go about living their normal highly mobile, cross-cultural lives, they have no clue as to how they are being impacted. But one day they […]